APS is a father-daughter team of photographers and cinematographers now based in Bangkok, Thailand. David is British and has over 30 years experience worldwide in the industry. Ranchana is a Photographer/Cinematographer with exceptional creative talents. 

The team works in the fields of aerial, industrial, commercial, product, panoramic and 360 degree photography. We also have a good knowledge and experience of working in jungle terrain. We can  supply videography, HD Time lapse and HD Aerial shots as required. We will guarantee the quality you require, if you decide you want to use our team for your project in Thailand it will be very cost effective. Let us budget your project and you will find out all the benefits for yourself! David is a UK Film director/DOP and Ranchana is a Fluent English and Thai speaking Cameraperson who is widely experienced in working with international clients and possess the ingenuity and flexibility necessary for the smooth running of any production process. 

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.